Thirteen Things to Do When the Power is Out

This topic seemed both playful and practical, so I thought I’d see what I came up with, especially since we occasionally have blackouts (no power) and brownouts (really low levels of electricity) in Los Angeles.  Having a brownout the first time is sort of cool since everything is cast in sepia tones, but once really is enough!

  • Do the dishes. I don’t do them every day, so having no Wi-Fi or TV could push me in that direction.
  • Put things where they belong. Everything I have in my home has a designated spot, but things don’t always make it back to where they belong after I’ve used them.
  • Between living in a “dry subtropical climate” and my penchant for using talcom powder, my home is pretty darn dusty!
  • Clean the bathroom. If the lights aren’t back on by the time I’ve finished, then I’d clean the kitchen, too.
  • Tidy my car. I could even vacuum it if I wish since my car vac is powered via the cigarette lighter.
  • Go outside for a walk…or do any of these indoor exercises: sit-ups, stretches, punch and kick the heavy bag hanging in my living room, calisthenics or stretches.
  • Change the sheets on the bed and spin the mattress. Change out the towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Sort laundry. I don’t have an in-home washer and dryer, so I go to the neighborhood laundry mat.  Pre-sorting laundry before I head there saves time.  It also gives me the added benefit of knowing which size machines I’ll need for the various loads.
  • Go to sleep if it’s near bed time.
  • Write song lyrics or haiku.

These last three will require use of the head lamp from my Emergency Preparedness Kit:

  • Play the piano.
  • Practice my choir music. I’m a member of a community choir – Angel City Chorale.  (Check us out on YouTube!)
  • Sort through papers. Prep them for:  recycling, shredding, scanning, mailing, etc.

Phew!  Now I have a plan in place.  Boredom has nothing on me!

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