I Super Juiced Myself!

Today is Day 28 of my Super Juice Me adventure.  I didn’t do it perfectly, but nearly so!

I appreciated:
1. the Jason Vale instructional videos;
2. feeling my joints release crud and loosen;
3. sleeping well and comfortably and through the night;
4. using my organizational skills to streamline the purchase of fruits and veggies — and the cleaning and storing of them – and the morning juicing set-up, as well;
5. noticing that sometimes just one cup of green tea is now too much caffeine; and
6. knowing that I really could do 28 days of juicing and raw foods just because I believed it would be good for me.

Challenges included:
1. painfully releasing some bits of ick – very temporary pain in joins, brain and various parts of my body while things were releasing during the first 10 days;
2. being extra chilly off-and-on during the first two weeks; and
3. noticing cravings that were on their way out – not comfortable, but certainly better than holding on to them!

Week 2 Fruits and Veggies Cleaned and Ready for Juicing

Post-Juicing Clean-Up (juicer components not shown)

I lost 17.5” overall and … drum roll:  I’ve reduced the pain in my body by 70% so far.

Happy days are here again.

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