Cherry Picking Time!

Northern Ohio offers several pick-your-own-fruit options, most notably strawberries, blueberries, sweet cherries, sour cherries, and apples.  Picking these for myself gets me out of the house, puts me right into the great outdoors, saves me money, and allows me the absolute freshest produce possible.  It was also a nice couple hours with the bro.

It’s so easy to pick cherries.  I learned that keeping the stems on will make them last a bit longer than stemless cherries, but, as I mention in this video, neither lasts long in my home because I like them so much.  I use a two-handed picking style to keep the stems intact, with the collection bucket set on the ground.  Of course, if I’m heading home to make a pie or jam with the berries, no stems are necessary and I go for the quick-pick, berries-only option.

For safety reasons, be sure to check that you didn’t acquire a hitch-hiking tick while you were out gathering (as in hunting and gathering) your delicious bounty.

Next up is blueberry picking at an orchard just down the road from Miller’s.  I can hardly wait!

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