A Perfect Moment is Unexpectedly Here

I just watched the movie “Arrival” on hulu and I am changed by the experience. Watching this movie has caused the sands within my soul to shift, yet again. There’s a settling going on within me, as doubts are released and new (or already sprouting) perspectives are allowed to grow.

Are you familiar with that feeling that happens after you’ve showered? The shower was either too warm or too cool and shortly after you exit the shower, your body reaches its perfect present-time temperature. It’s almost as if time pauses briefly while you experience physical perfection. You continue to breathe in and out, but it doesn’t seem necessary. The moment is all at once electric and calm, powerful and peaceful. All possibilities are open and you know that you are capable of anything you desire without having to move a muscle to achieve. In an instant, your thoughts coalesce and remind you of ________. (Fill in the blank with whatever works for you: God, Joy, Serenity, Universal Presence, etc.)

It’s a time for rejoicing by gently being in the moment. All is well with your world and, indeed, all things are possible.

That’s how I’m feeling. Exhilarated, yet still, and very pleased to simply be.

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